Moranbah Rural - About Us

Moranbah Rural is a locally owned family business

Just like you, we love our rural lifestyle!

With its roots stretching back to the beginnings of Moranbah, Moranbah Rural is owned by the Kohler family. Bob and Kym Kohler came to Moranbah in the mid 70’s, and we have called Moranbah home ever since. Bob worked in the mining industry from 1980 – 2001 around Moranbah area, while Kym went to school here and worked in the pharmacy. Moranbah has been home to their two sons Zac and Cody Kohler and still is. We are very passionate about Moranbah and the community. Being cattle farmers, we are pretty busy and just like you; we hate having to drive into the nearest large town to buy decent quality goods.

Ten years ago Bob & Kym Kohler purchased the Moranbah Rural and relocated it to the family farm just a few minutes from the town center on Railway Station Road.

Kym knew the community wanted access to a wide range of goods and they didn't want to have to take a day out of their busy lives just to go and buy the supplies all families need.

The store has since grown and now stocks a diverse range of products from clothing to pet supplies to landscaping materials - indeed almost anything you could need.

Our passion lies in serving our community by providing high-quality products, backed by good solid experience and knowledge that we are happy to share with you. Drop into our store, chat with the local staff and relax while you look around our large store and all of our animals.

We are planning some interesting things for the future and are thrilled that our extended Moranbah community will be a part of that.


To provide an unparalleled,
friendly and enjoyable shopping and entertainment,
experience for Moranbah’s town,
rural and mining community.


Our mission is to provide a wide range of specialty products
including animal and water management, pet supplies, landscaping and
western apparel to mining, rural and town’s people
and their families in a friendly and entertaining way.


Moranbah Rural is a legendary must visit specialty store
for miners, rural and town’s people and their families.

Quality Brands

Here are just some of the top quality brands Moranbah rural supply

Cowgirl tuff
Grace in LA
Thomas Cook

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